Discover the Secrets of Natural Penis Enlargement

We live in a world that is fast paced and demands immediate results. Men all over the globe want to increase the size of the penis and they want it done fast. To cater to this huge market, there are thousands of commercial products on the market ranging from cock pumps, weights, extenders, penis patches, cream, penis pills, etc. All promising extra inches fast!

Like they say, the brighter the picture, the darker the negative. The truth is that most men should be circumspect when considering these dodgy choices. Most of these products are ineffective and dangerous. There is no real, solid science backing these products.

Manufacturers of these products fabricate testimonials, fake photo proofs and use a myriad of marketing tricks to obfuscate the truth that their products are rubbish. Most men who are desperately seeking a solution to their pressing problem, believe the hype and buy the products. It’s sad but true.

In the end, they are left with a wallet that is lighter but a heart that is heavy with disappointment. 

There is only one method that works. It is called natural penis enlargement or natural male enhancement. What this means is that the length and girth of the penis is enlarged through a series of massages and stretching techniques. This is done over a period of 2 to 4 months. 

Size gains can range from 1 to 4 inches depending on how fast your body adapts. No pills, apparatus or other artificial methods are used. The penis will become longer and thicker naturally. Due to the massaging, blood circulation in the genital area will improve resulting in harder erections and stronger ejaculations. This is music to most men’s ears.

A process known as ‘jelqing’ is used to increase the girth of the penis. This is a method of increasing blood flow into the penile chambers thereby expanding them. When this is done over a period of time, the chambers get bigger and when you have an erection, more blood will be able to enter these chambers. Your penis will then me thicker and harder.

The stretching exercises will slowly lengthen your penis over time. This is similar to those tribal women who wear rings around their neck. Over time they are able to add more and more rings as they elongate their neck. The same principle applies.

Many penis enlarging apparatus simulate the stretching process. In the process, while the penis gets longer, it gets thinner too. So, you may end up with a case of ‘pencil dick’ and no woman is going to be impressed. This is why stretching must always be used in conjunction with jelqing. Length gains will be accompanied by girth gains. Now you have a winner.

While the natural method is safe, using apparatus may cause your blood vessels to rupture. That is why it is best to give the penis pumps and extenders a pass and to just stick with using your hands. You will be in control all the time and you will not cause damage to your organ unintentionally. Ultimately, this is what you want. A longer, thicker penis that doesn’t cost too much money or pain.