Do Penis Enlargement Creams Work?

Nope. This article could end with this single answer. But of course, it won’t. An explanation is necessary to highlight why penis creams are a waste of money and time.

The penis enlargement market is a million dollar market with desperate buyers. Men all over the world are constantly looking to add inches to their penises. All to impress women. There is an element of fear.

The fear that they won’t be able to satisfy their woman, the fear that the woman might find another man to satisfy her, the fear that she might be faking her orgasms to please him, etc. The list goes on and on… but the fear is constant. So, companies know that men will do anything to allay their fears and solve the pressing problem at hand.

If you scour the net, you will notice a plethora pf penis enlargement products for sale. Penis patches, penis pills, cock pumps, creams, extenders, weights, etc. Almost all these products will have many testimonials, photo proof, statistics, scientific data, charts, etc.

It’s all very convincing even to the most sceptical buyer. The hard truth is that all these marketing tactics are just subterfuges. Shady marketing tricks designed to blind the buyer to the fact that almost all of these products are ineffective and in many cases, unsafe.

The testimonials are usually fake. So are the photo proofs and scientific data, etc. Most of the science and principles applied in the production of these products are not sound. Do not for one second believe that any of these companies empathise with your situation. They just want your dollar.

Penis creams have not been proven to work for anybody. Many creams contain numbing agents. The creams claim that this enables the user to last longer in bed. The sad reality is that many of the chemicals in the numbing agents are unsafe. To make matters worse, many men have reported that they were unable to feel anything during sex even months after discontinuing use of the creams.

Penis creams are not regulated by the FDA. So, there is no governing body to actually check and see what goes into the production of these creams. The ingredients could be unsafe and no one would be any wiser. The long term effects of these products is anyone’s guess.

The very idea that a cream can make a body part bigger is ridiculous. If that were the case, nobody would need to go to the gym to build muscles. Just make a cream and slather it all over yourself. Problem solved. So, if common sense indicates that this is nonsensical, why do so many men fall for these fake claims?

Fear and desperation.

Penis enlargement is possible. However, it is not going to come from pills, patches, extenders, creams, etc. Don’t even think about surgery. 

The only proven and safe way to enlarge your penis is to do it naturally. It may take a few months but the time will be well worth it when you add 1 to 4 inches on your penis. Yes, it’s troublesome since you will need to be consistent and do the stretching and massaging exercises daily. But, the results will be permanent.

Most importantly, your health and wallet will not be affected. Do give natural penis enlargement methods a try. You will see results that will dispel your fears and give you confidence.