Methods Used for Penis Enlargement

There are a lot of current ways and methods for penis enlargement. Here are some you may practice or use, but before engaging yourself in any of the options given, be sure you are well aware of the consequences and side effects of each method.

Surgical methods

Although the surgical method done to lengthen the penis has its controversies in the medical community, some people still decide to go through with it. This deals with cutting two of the tendons that hold the penis up allowing the penis to drop out, thus adding one to two inches of length to it. 

Cosmetic method

Some men don’t like going under the knife so they look for cosmetic alternatives to make their penis look larger. Some do this by losing weight, which is by the way proven to increase penis size; while some cut or trim off their pubic hair around the penis making it appear larger.

Pills and supplements

There are a lot of pills and supplements that enhance the male penis. And when they enhance the male penis, they don’t only make it look larger but improve the sexual desires and erection of men. This means attaining a good sexual relationship with your partner as well. These pills and supplements contain the ingredient Yohimbine which is a natural supplement known to treat impotence in males. Pills and supplements are available in stores and on the internet so it’s easy to avail it. These pills and supplements are devoted to making a lasting impression.

Penis pumps

This cylinder looking contraption is used by fitting it over the penis. It can either be manual or motorized. This creates a suction which then helps in penis enlargement. This apparatus creates a vacuum around the penis so that blood is drawn into the penis making it bigger. 

Jelqing or Jelquing

This method is done by using either one hand or two hands. This is a method where the penis is firmly gripped and is pulled towards the glans.


Although this can be risky and dangerous, this technique is done for penis enlargement. With this technique, one uses a constricting device like a shoe string, sometimes a cable clamp or a tight ring called the cock ring. The chosen device is tied or clamped firmly on the base of an erected penis while an edging act is done. Medical practitioners do not find this advisable because trapped blood may cause severe clotting that may not be easily treated. It may even cause a person to have amputation, so before inflicting this on one’s self, take all necessary precautions.


This consists of using weights that a man attaches to his penis. The weight is attached or tied to the glans – the tip of the penis – and is left suspended there for a certain amount of time. The penis enlargement is encouraged by lifting the weight with the penis alone. This is done repetitively for five to ten minutes. Weights used start as low as 1/16 pounds then gradually increasing to a quarter pound. Remember though that this kind of pressure on the penis may cause testicular cancer.