Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

A lot of men around the world are worried about not being able to satisfy their partners in bed, which is why a lot of them research about preventing erectile dysfunction.  A lot of men really feel crippled or embarrassed when they find themselves in a difficult position of not being able to cater to the needs of their partners in bed.  Many men really believe that the test of their masculinity also depends on how they perform in bed.  When problems with erections arise, many cannot help but feel sorry for themselves and question if they would still be able to perform well.

According to research, it is normal for a man to encounter some problems regarding his erection from time to time.  There are actually a lot of factors that could lead to these problems.  Too much stress could somehow affect a man’s erection as well as other factors.  But then, experts emphasize that though there are times when erectile dysfunction is normal, there are times when the problem arises out of pathological causes.  It is important to know what the reasons behind the incidents are, so that proper management could be done and men could have normal erections once again.

But what is erectile dysfunction in the first place?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is also known as impotence, or the inability to sustain an erection.  Though this is more common in men ages 65 and up, there are also those who are younger who are already experiencing signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  As mentioned above, a lot of men do not like experiencing this because they feel like they are not able to perform that well.  With this in mind, they know that they cannot satisfy their partners, and in turn, not satisfy themselves as well.  

A lot of men have been doing their best to look for remedies that will help to give them better and longer-lasting erections.  A long-lasting erection is needed in order to have a satisfactory sexual relationship with others.  Though impotence is more common among aged men, erectile dysfunction could still occur at any age.  There are different factors that could lead to this condition, and many could be attributed to normal events.  If this, however, repeats a lot of times, then it could be a sign that the help of a doctor is already needed.  Doctors will help those who experience this to know the reason behind it.

As mentioned earlier, there are many factors that could lead to the development of erectile dysfunction.  In order for physicians to correctly treat it, they have to know what the cause is. 

Here are the probable causes of erectile dysfunction:


Men who are aging tend to be more prone to a lot of diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many more.  All of these diseases tend to compromise the circulation of blood to the penis, which then affects how men get erections.


It is known that smoking is generally bad for the health because not only does it affect the respiratory system, but it also affects other body systems and processes.  For those who already have atherosclerosis, smoking aggravates this condition, which then greatly affects a man’s erection.


This is basically the most common cause of erectile dysfunction.  Since the body’s insulin cannot cope with the amount of sugar in the blood anymore, the blood becomes sluggish and viscous, making it difficult to circulate in the body.  Approximately around 50% of men who have diabetes find that they also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Nerve conditions

Multiple sclerosis and other diseases that cause nerve problems are also known to cause erectile dysfunction.  Since the nerves cannot pass impulses that well anymore, the male genitals also cannot get that stimulated.

Using various drugs

There are around 200 drugs that are commonly prescribed by doctors that cause erectile dysfunction among men.  These medications are usually used to treat conditions like high blood pressure, depression, and many more.  The long-term use of illegal drugs and alcohol could also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Pelvic trauma or surgery

There are certain surgeries or incidents that could traumatize the structures in the pelvic area, which could lead to the destruction of nerves.  When the nerves are compromised, men may not be able to get erections.

Hormonal imbalance

According to the studies, less than 5% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction suffer from hormonal imbalances.  These imbalances cause a man not to get erections at times.  

All of these are the probable causes that could lead to the development of erectile dysfunction.  Doctors have to know the real cause behind the development of the condition so that proper treatment could be given right away.

Upon knowing what the causes are, men would then go looking for ways of preventing erectile dysfunction.  There are many ways to prevent it, both natural and surgical.  A lot of men would prefer to go for the non-invasive procedures (or the natural methods) because they do not have to fear anything (use of invasive instruments and the like).  A lot of people try to log on the internet to look for various products that they could use to help prevent the onset of erectile dysfunction.  There are also those who ask the help from their doctors regarding these incidents so that the correct treatment could be given right away.

There are various natural methods to help prevent erectile dysfunction among the men.  To prevent feeling sorry for themselves, they have to do all that they can to stop the phenomenon from recurring.  There are supplements already available in the market that have been proven to help with this problem.  Here are some of the popular remedies that men try in order to prevent erectile dysfunction:

Lose weight

Having a healthy weight not only is a good thing for the heart, but it is also good for the erection, as many experts say.  When men are obese, their blood tends to have a difficulty in circulating.  Keeping the weight at a healthy level will ensure that the genitals get enough blood supply to maintain good erections.

For diabetics: monitor the blood sugar closely

It is known that when there is too much blood glucose in the blood, the blood becomes viscous and cannot circulate that well.  This will then compromise the blood circulation to the penis.  Blood is needed to make the penis become enlarged when performing sexual relations.  When the blood sugar is kept at a normal level, the blood flows a lot faster to the other parts of the body.

Stop smoking

Smokers who have erectile dysfunction are encouraged by the physicians to stop smoking, not only to regain their erections, but for overall health as well.

Drugs that help with prolonging erections

Sildenafil, or otherwise known as Viagra, is one of the most popular medications that are given to those suffering from erectile dysfunction.  Studies have shown that sildenafil actually helps to boost the levels of a certain amino acid in the blood that helps with erections.

Reduce stress levels.

This is common for majority of the men.  Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction because they take on a lot of stress from their work, their home, and other places.  It is important to know some techniques that will help a man to release stress from time to time.  It also helps to avoid the things that make the stress levels shoot up.


There are times when there are structures in the pelvic area that have blockages (such as blood vessels) that prevent the blood from flowing well into the penis and other structures.  Surgery may be needed to fix the problem.

Vacuum devices

These devices have been specially made for the penis, to make sure that the blood flows to the penis fully.  These are different from devices meant to enhance the size of the penis.  These vacuum devices are meant to “suck” the blood into the penis, to make it engorged, thus sustaining an erection.

Penile prostheses

There are now men who go ahead and get prostheses for their penises, as a way of making sure that they get erections when they need to have one.  The devices are implanted in to the penis and could be manually adjusted by the user, depending on how he sees it fit.

There are other various ways that the men could try in order to prevent the onset of erectile dysfunction.  To make sure that they have healthy erections all the time, they may have to do a lot of lifestyle changes – for the better.  For those who do not know how to start, they may try asking their physicians for help.  There are a lot of men who have finally found the light when it comes to their sexual performance.  Many have done all that they can to ensure that they whatever they are doing for preventing erectile dysfunction is effective.